Week 25

Choose one of the following pieces of art:

  1. Simone Martini, The Annunciation
  2. Vishnu and Lakshmi, with conch and lotus
  3. Bill Reid, The Jade Canoe “The Spirit of Haida Gwaii”
  4. Picasso, Guernica
  5. Tiles, Arabesque pattern, Mosque of Cheykhoun
  6. Terracotta Warriors of the Emperor Qin
  7. Maori portrayal of Rangiatea and Papatuanuku

In groups, develop a presentation that answers the following questions:

1.Who was/were the artist(s)? What motivated them? What circumstances were they working? If you cannot find an artist associated with the work, why not?
2.Who was or is the audience? What role might the artwork play in their lives? What was the audience reaction at the time the work was completed? How about today?
3.What is the meaning of the artwork within its cultural background? Think about connections between the artwork and cultural practices, geography or history. Is there any particular symbolism in the artwork?
4.Look at the form of the art itself. How are the shapes balanced structurally? How is space handled? Is it aesthetically pleasing?
5.Do you consider this to be a work of art? Why or why not?

You will have three lessons to develop your presentations.