Human Sciences Research

In small groups, you will prepare a single page summary (250 words max.) answering the following 2 questions about each of the assigned issues/concepts selected from the list below:

1.Describe the issue/concept
2.What implication(s) does this have for knowledge gained in the human sciences (how does this issue or concept affect our ability to learn and know things via the human sciences)

Your group will examine (and write up a summary for) a selection from the list below:

  • Validity, operational definition, triangulation
  • Reliability
  • Milgram experiment, ethics codes
  • Dependent/independent variable, control/experimental group
  • Hawthorne effect
  • Subject-expectancy/Observer-expectancy effects
  • Double blind/triple blind trials
  • Placebo, nocebo
  • Observation, verbal protocol, self-report
  • Participant observation, cross-cultural comparison
  • cultural relativism
  • Random/representative sampling
  • Survey, questionnaire, interview
  • qualitative and quantitative research
  • Experimental study, correlational study, case study, longitudinal study

You will have two in class lessons to develop your short summaries. Once you've written them up, post them to your blog. You can attach as a separate file, or just post in the text of a blog post.

THEN… go read the blogs of at least 3 of your classmates and comment on their summaries.