Welcome to the home page for IB TOK with Mr Smith.

This is where your time out of class will be guided. This is where you'll be able to find what you need. This is just the beginning!

I'll be developing various tasks that you'll need to complete in your own time outside class. You'll have 1 less class with me during the week to ensure you have time for this. Tasks might include viewing video (linked from here), discussing some question (discussions will be here), or collaboratively working on some project (coordinated from here).

You'll also be required to keep a reflective blog of your experiences with at least 1 entry per week. You can use whatever format of blog you prefer, as long as I can access it without a password and can link to it from here. Part of the plan is that you'll be able to benefit from the reflections of your fellow students. I'll be assessing your blogs on the breadth and depth of your reflections.

Later in the course, we'll also use this space to collaborate on presentation and essay tasks - these being what the course aims towards in terms of IB assessment.

Its going to be a great year!